Recorded Sales
Agents Across Africa

What Vumele Offers

Improve Cash Flow

Sabi ensures Merchants are given an opportunity to grow and increase their revenue.

Streamline Logistics

Sabi ensures a seamless experience when purchasing for your business.

Improve Demand

We ensure all partners grow and have access to the largest and most complex market in Africa.

Vumele is a category agnostic B2B network for informal trade focused on accelerating the velocity of commerce by enabling stakeholders in the informal sector to access and offer value amongst each other.

What we do

Understanding the individual needs of merchants

By engaging them through different channels before connecting them to whichever service(s) that best helps them grow their business. This could mean ensuring a great assortment of low priced goods is available to them, providing a way for them to manage inventory, or facilitating finance.

Saint Anuma

Head of Operations

Olga Mthombheni

Business Development Manager

Averil Govender

Human Resource

Rudy Tsotetsi

Business Development Associate

Yvette Ncube

Business Development Associate

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